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Please RSVP the Invitation below:

If you are a Pure Energy Healer or a Pure Energy Crystal Healer and you've completed at least one of the courses (either Live or Online), You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday November 26, 2022 at 6PM CET (Madrid Time).


This will be a two hour live event and will take place on a Zoom Call with Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie. Bring your favourite crystals, tea, incense, oil and join us for an exciting get-together.


This event is online in order to connect with as many Healers from around the world. Submit your Invitation reply below.

We look forward to a fun Family Reunion!

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Welcome Home!

Pure Energy Healing Academy

Family Reunion Invitation

You are cordially invited to the
Pure Energy Healing Family Reunion. 

Saturday November 26, 2022
6PM-8PM CEST (Madrid Time)
 Live Zoom Call

(Link will be provided a few days prior to the Reunion)