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What is Pure Energy Healing​? 

Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have within. For in depth description and all about the Pure Energy Healing Academy go to 

Pure Energy Healing Course Online

This is our certificate Pure Energy Healing Course made for online students. It is an intensive and practical healing course meant for anyone interested in achieving overall wellbeing, self healing and potentially becoming a Pure Energy Healing Practitioner. 

Whether you are new to healing or you have been practicing another healing technique for years, Pure Energy Healing Course will deepen your understanding of healing, awaken your inner gifts and strengthen your intuition.


“I’m now smiling, filled with self love, self worth and a strong belief that spirit is by my side to help heal me and others, this is a truly beautiful experience.”

- Susi, Pure Energy Healing & Crystals Practitioner

“A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

- Mariam H. Pure Energy Healing Practitioner 

“Now I know exactly who I am!”

- Mia M. Pure Energy Healing Practitioner

How does Pure Energy Healing Online Certificate Course Work? 

Pure Energy Healing Course Online is meant to be ​done either as a four day intensive training like our Live Course or at your own pace. Videos will be released in consecutive order. Once you finish watching one module you can move onto the next one. There is time for your practical and experiential part of the course which is the most valuable part of the course. 

All of the training videos are inside a private online Pure Energy Healing Academy site to which you will have access to for two weeks. You will also have access to a private community page of Pure Energy Healing practitioners and current course participants, where you can connect and exchange experience.

Pure Energy Healing Online Certificate Course also includes a live and interactive component like "Live Video" with Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie were they answer questions and offer advice as you move along the program. 

For more information on Pure Energy Healing Course and to read the course outline go to the course description here


Who is Pure Energy Healing Course for? 

If you would like to connect to your higher self, reignite your inner strength and awaken your natural gifts of healing, 

Pure Energy Healing Course could be for you. 

Clients from all walks of life

The Pure Energy Healing Academy courses and programs have attracted people from all walks of life. We have had mothers and fathers join the course to be able to bring the Pure Energy Healing to their family; we have had other healers complete our programs who expanded on their healing practice; corporate executives; professional athletes; medical professionals; scientists; members of clergy and many other communities have found great value in participating in our programs.

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Words from past clients of Pure Energy Healing Academy

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Your Instructors


Mark Bajerski, Founder of The Pure Energy Healing Academy 

is an international speaker, author and spiritual teacher reaching millions of souls via his YouTube channel. The programs and courses at the P.E.H. Academy are co-lead with Lella Satie, the Academy Instructor and Director of Development. Lella Satie is an awarded multidisciplinary artist, health and well being mentor.


Whe​n Is ​The Next Online Program?

The Pure Energy Healing Course Online is only offered a couple of times a year. In case the dates don't work for your busy schedule you will have two weeks to complete the course even though the program is designed to be done as a four day intensive course. 

The next is open for Registration.

The course will begin August 5-8, 2021.

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Heal Thyself & Heal the World

Gift It Forward

When you register for a Pure Energy Healing Academy program you begin to heal yourself from within. As you give yourself the gift of healing, you also Gift If Forward. Pure Energy Healing Academy in partnership with & LEMON HOUSE 

contribute to thousands of children and adults every year with Pure Energy Healing gifts: Crystals, Healing Oils and other Pure Energy Healing tools.  


I'm Ready To Discover The Healer Within

We look forward to welcoming you.

Pure Energy Healing Course - ONLINE COURSE

Pure Energy Healing Course ONLINE is almost identical to the Live Course. The main difference being that you will have to be self initiating, manage your time and stay focused. The course is practical and experiential, therefore you will have to reach out to your friends, family or colleagues to be your clients for the practical part of the course. This is the most important part of the program! You could potentially offer all healing sessions to the same person or have as many people as you wish.

PURE ENERGY HEALING COURSE guides you to begin to deeply recognize that your healing gifts have always been within you. You have always held this power within to self-heal. This is the first step of the PEH Academy Curriculum; followed by CRYSTAL COURSE, ONLINE TAROT COURSE and TAROT MASTER COURSE. Whether you are looking to heal yourself and your loved ones or become a healer this course will awaken the healer within you.

It’s time to let go, clearing away past issues to create a beautiful, light space to move on with your amazing life. On this journey, Mark guides you to tune into your self-healing abilities to help you face with confidence and trust, whatever challenges life may bring. An energy of strength, calm and an understanding in ‘all is as it should be’ will become apparent and you will discover your intuitive healing ‘tools’ to help you grow daily along your spiritual journey.

As you feel the inner healer within you growing stronger; you learn to channel the most amazing and powerful healing energy you have ever felt. In these moments you begin to realize how we are all deeply connected. Receiving this new healing energy, you willingly open your heart and healing gifts to the beautiful souls who now come forward to you for help and to share in this healing experience.

During the four days of the course your heart opens. Your mind clears from anxieties and worries and you become reborn into a new world; one which looks beautiful and feels magical. You begin to truly live, and wake up happy for no other reason other than feeling blessed to be here. Deep within you, your inner wisdom and guiding light knows that now you are finally on your true spiritual path of inner peace.




DAY 1:

Intense and guided teaching on self-healing, the first vital step towards becoming a Pure Energy Healer. Cutting the cords of any negativeness and clearing away issues, will leave the participant fully energized and open to a much deeper Spiritual Connection.

  • Introduction to the Pure Energy Healing: a uniquely effective channel where deep healing occurs

  • Clearing and Cleansing: Breaking down walls/barriers and removing negative beliefs

  • Self Healing: Enabling Spiritual connection to allow deep self-healing to occur

DAY 2:

Day 2 prepares participants for the practice of healing others. Understanding how energy works, how to attune to those energies and how to work with them reveals a powerful new way for each participant to help themselves and to help heal others in overcoming painful challenges.

  • Intense learning and understanding on working with different energies

  • Effective Spiritual Attunement; deep connection to inner spiritual source allowing for an open flow of Pure Energy Healing

  • Developing healing intuition and recognizing where healing is most needed

  • Identifying the most powerful connecting points for channeling healing energy

DAY 3:

Overview on tools of divination that aid in deep healing. The day will focus heavily on intense and practical one-on-one healing sessions. A gentle and safe environment will be provided where participants can apply their learning through practical, hands-on healing sessions. Mark will be guiding each participant as they work as Pure Energy Healers with a number of invited guests.

  • Greeting your guest, connecting to his/her energy to facilitate a powerful energy flow

  • Attunement to Spirit to facilitate as a channel for pure divine healing to occur

  • Mark will provide guidance throughout all healing sessions


DAY 4:

Working as a Pure Energy Healing Practitioner

Recommendations on how to continue the practice of Pure Energy Healing. Participants will receive practical advice and guidelines on how to begin life working as a Pure Energy Healing Practitioner. How to stay humble, grow confidence in one’s intuition and healing ability and how to keep ego out of the way.

  • Working as a Pure Energy Healing™ Practitioner

  • Key secrets, highs/lows, what to expect?

  • Practical tools and guidance to overcoming obstacles

PURE ENERGY HEALING COURSE is recommended if you are seeking clarity in your life; answers to the many questions about why you are here; your higher purpose; and if you are ready to step into the most amazing power that you truly are! Upon successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate and be able to practice PURE ENERGY HEALING.