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How do Online Courses Work? 

Our Online Programs are meant to be ​done either as a four day intensive training like our Live Courses at the Academy or at your own pace. Videos will be released in a consecutive order. Once you complete one module you can move onto the next one. There is time for your practical and experiential part of the course which is the most valuable part of the course. This is when you get to practice what you've learned.

All of the training videos are inside of a private Online Pure Energy Healing Academy site to which you will have access to for two weeks to complete the program. Once you complete the Pure Energy Healing or Crystal Course you can request to be listed on our "Find A Healer" page and private chat groups where you can connect with other healers and exchange experiences.

For more information about each of the Academy Courses and to read the course outline go to PURE ENERGY HEALING or PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING course links.


What is Pure Energy Healing​? 

Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have. The PEH Courses guide you to discover your own healing gift. Read more about the Pure Energy Healing & the Academy here.

Pure Energy Healing Academy Courses Online

Our online courses are certificate courses made available for online students. They are intensive and practical healing courses meant for anyone interested in achieving overall wellbeing, self healing and potentially becoming a Pure Energy Healer & Crystal Healer, having a new career as a healer.

Whether you are new to healing or you have been practicing another healing modality for years, PEH Courses will deepen your understanding of healing, awaken your inner gifts and strengthen your intuition.

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Clients from all walks of life

The Pure Energy Healing Academy courses and programs have attracted people from all walks of life and many countries. We have had mothers and fathers join the course to be able to bring the Pure Energy Healing to their family; we have had other healers complete our programs who expanded their healing practice. Corporate executives; professional athletes; medical professionals; scientists; members of clergy and many other communities have found great value in participating in our programs.

Words from past clients of the Pure Energy Healing Academy

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Online Courses

PEH Online

Pure Energy Healing Course


Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course


Online Courses are identical in content to Academy Live Courses. The main difference is that you will be self initiating and manage your time to stay focused. The course is practical and experiential, therefore it's recommended to reach out to your friends, family or colleagues to be your clients for the practical part of the course. This is the most exciting & valuable part of the program! You could offer multiple healing sessions to the same person or have as many people for your one-to-one healing sessions as you wish. We will also cover distant healing (remote healing).


Your Instructors


Mark Bajerski, Founder of The Pure Energy Healing Academy 

is an international speaker, author and spiritual teacher. His YouTube channel with daily motivational videos has reached millions of souls. 

The programs and courses at the Academy are co-lead by Lella Satie, the Academy Instructor and Director. Lella is an awarded multidisciplinary artist, lifestyle and well-being mentor.

Whe​n Is ​The Next Online Course?

Our Courses and Programs are available for you to join at any time and complete it at your pace within two weeks. We strongly recommend if you can, to follow an intense course schedule. This will give you the best and immersive experience like the one at the Academy. If this is what you choose and you can take four days off to do the course. You may schedule four days as follows: Thursday - Sunday 10AM-5PM for the course.   

Heal Thyself & Heal the World

Gift It Forward

When you register for a Pure Energy Healing Academy program you begin to heal yourself from within. As you give yourself the gift of healing, you also Gift If Forward. Pure Energy Healing Academy in partnership with & LEMON HOUSE 

contribute to thousands of children and adults every year with Pure Energy Healing gifts: Crystals, Healing Oils and other Pure Energy Healing tools and initiatives.


I'm Ready To Discover The Healer Within

We look forward to welcoming you.

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