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Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course

Sensing, understanding & working with the powerful healing energies of Crystals. This course strengthens your intuition. 

Deepen your healing gifts!


On this powerful 4-day journey of PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE, Mark Bajerski shares his pure love and very deep understanding of the healing and beneficial powers of crystals, and offers his teaching on how to work with each crystal to optimize its own unique and powerful healing energy.

PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE builds confidence for the Healer and builds on the foundations of the PURE ENERGY HEALING COURSE which is also the pre-requisite for the CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE. Students are guided through Mark Bajerski’s healing techniques to channel pure spiritual healing and deepen the healing experience of their clients.

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You will be guided to heighten your spiritual awareness when healing with Crystals. Mark spends numerous hours channelling love and spiritual energy into each unique piece and he will guide you on how to channel energy and connect with crystals in this unique way.

Participants will work with a variety of crystals from Mark’s personal and powerful collection and will provide healing to many souls who are invited along for healing sessions with these crystals making the program most enjoyable and extremely practical. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate from the PEH Academy and will be able to practice PURE ENERGY HEALING with Crystals.

Course Outline

DAY 1:

Intense and guided teaching on the history of crystals and how their energy works. How and why Crystals are key healing tools provided to us by the Universe. Various Crystals and their traits – healing, cleansing, abundance. How to effectively use crystals for meditation, relaxation and health benefits. How to effectively care for your crystals. First and vital steps towards becoming a Pure Energy Crystal Healer. Cutting the cords of any negativities and clearing away issues. Day 1 will leave the participant fully energized and open to a much deeper Spiritual and Crystal Connection.

  • Introduction to Pure Energy Healing Crystals: a uniquely effective channel with Crystals where deep healing occurs

  • Clearing and Cleansing: Breaking down perceived barriers and removing negative beliefs

  • Crystal Self-Healing: Enabling Spiritual connection to your Crystal to allow deep self-healing to occur


DAY 2:

The practice of Crystal healing on others. In understanding how Crystal energy works, how to attune to those energies and how to work with them reveals a powerful new way for each participant to help themselves and to help heal others in overcoming painful challenges.

  • Intense learning and understanding on working with different Crystals

  • Effective Spiritual Crystal attunement: deep connection to inner spiritual source allowing to open the flow of Crystal Pure Energy Healing

  • Developing Crystal intuition and recognizing where healing is most needed with each chosen Crystal

  • Identifying the most powerful Crystal connecting points for channeling Crystal healing energy

DAY 3:

Overview on tools of divination that aid and work alongside Crystals in deep healing. Intense and practical one-on-one Pure Energy Crystal healing sessions. A gentle and safe environment will be provided where participants can apply their learning through practical, hands-on Crystal healing sessions. Mark will be guiding each participant as they work as Pure Energy Crystal Healers with a number of invited guests.

  • Greeting your guest, connecting to his/her energy to facilitate a powerful energy flow

  • Attunement to Spirit to facilitate as a channel for pure divine Crystal healing to occur

  • Mark will provide guidance throughout all Crystal healing sessions


DAY 4:

Working as a Pure Energy Healing Crystal Healer

How to continue developing your skills. Practical advice and guidelines on how to begin working as a Pure Energy Crystal Healer.

  • Pure Energy Crystal Healer: how to begin and develop your own practice

  • Key secrets, highs/lows, what to expect, how to overcome obstacles

  • Practical Crystal tools

If you are ready to begin living life as a Crystal Healer in Pure Energy Healing practice and to enjoy a life filled with love, healing and joy, then this is the course for you. The Crystal Course is hosted by Mark Bajerski at the Pure Energy Healing Academy in Mijas Pueblo, Spain. This program is one of our most popular programs with clients coming from all over the world.

Course ScheduleTo give you an idea of how you can structure your course schedule if you wish to do it as a 4-day-intensive you can refer to the schedule.

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Home To The Pure Energy Healing Academy

PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE is a highly recommended program if you want to strengthen your self healing practice or would like to elevate your skills as a Healer.

AGREEMENTS: By registering for this course you acknowledge and confirm that you are physically fit and healthy; and able to take care of your own well being. You acknowledge and confirm that you are not on any medication; you are not receiving any therapy nor taking any illegal drugs. Furthermore by registering into the course, you agree not to take any illegal substances; not to consume any alcohol; not to smoke for the duration of the course. The duration of the course includes all hours: at the Academy as well as your rest times, for the entire four days of the course. If you are perceived to be under the influence of any substances or smell of cigarette smoke you could be withdrawn from the course without a refund. These strict measures are in place to protect the safety and comfort of all participants and clients, while providing an environment and energy that is of healing and high vibration.

Tuition: Online Course: €550 EUR  Non-Refundable

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-residential program and the tuition price covers attendance to the program only. Price does not cover additional personal expenses such as flights, airport transfers, accommodation or meals.

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