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Pure Energy Healing

Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have within us. Pure Energy Healing is channelled by a Healer when they are balanced, aligned and healthy in mind, body and spirit. It is vital to first heal oneself before assisting others in their healing journey. When a Healer is true to their practice they are open to receiving the highest form of vibration. Pure Energy Healer assists their client to transform the lower vibration to higher by clearing away negative energies to heightening the positive vibration. A Pure Energy Healer does not heal, he or she steps aside and creates the space for healing to take place while allowing the flow of universal energy. The source energy transfers to the client who receives a gift of healing - that is, to heal themselves.

During a Pure Energy Healing session, clients can experience a range of emotions. They can feel uplifted and happy; or feel a deep sense of peace from a release of burdens from the past. The Pure Energy Healing session often provides a clearing to see a new possibility that is now available in one's life. Once a client has experienced a healing and felt a new calming energy; peace and grounding - they can recall and recreate this beautiful flow of positive energy ongoingly on their own. Pure Energy Healing Session can help heal deep, painful, emotional stress and trauma and even certain past life energy. The body and overall well being is a holistic system and Pure Energy Healing can benefit the physical, emotional and mental body. 

Those who have experienced Pure Energy Healing, express how relaxed they felt during a healing session. It is not unusual to experience a wonderful, positive energy flow and feel a new lightness of being. During a Pure Energy Healing session, sometimes involuntary physical movement such as a twitch of a limb can occur due to shifts of energy and flow of emotions. Opening of the heart can feel euphoric, or it could feel as a release of blocked traumas through the tears of letting go and releasing stress and issues. A sensation of slight physical pain might be felt for a short time as the energy shifts and clears away the energy blocks, low vibration or negative mindset. Clients sometimes experience deep sleep – the P.E.R.S.P; Pure Energy Restorative Sleep Pattern. Pure Energy Healing is completely safe and non-invasive. The hands are a vessel for healing during a non-touch energy channelling. Pure Energy Healing is an energy flow that is grounded and immersed in divine love and light. 

Pure Energy Healing technique helps people heal their body, mind and spirit by bringing a charge of positive vibration; elevating their spiritual growth; finding their passion; living life with gratitude; peace; happiness and an overall perspective of positivity.


Pure Energy Healing Academy

The Pure Energy Healing Academy (P.E.H.A.) is a spiritual and energy healing Academy. We exist to facilitate the environment for people to discover their own healing gifts, while encouraging them to awaken their own healing technique and lead a life with passion and purpose. The Pure Energy Healing Academy offers Certificate Courses for aspiring Healers; programs for personal healing goals; retreats with reWake reTreats and transformational events organized by LEMON HOUSE. Exclusive workshops for select corporate clients are offered in partnership with the New Success Co.

It is not necessary to have a healing background to begin a journey of Pure Energy Healing. The participants of Pure Energy Healing Courses and Programs come from all walks of life and different countries. Many certified practitioners have started their own healing practice and are practicing the Pure Energy Healing worldwide. You can go to Find A Practitioner page of our website to locate a healer near you. Most Healers are available for a distance healing session. Distance Healing is as powerful as in person healing session. 

Pure Energy Healing is not only a practice, it’s a way of life which aligns the heart, mind and soul and grounds one in their truth and values. The Pure Energy Healing Academy is founded by Mark Bajerski, who teaches the transformational Pure Energy Healing practice and method. 

“My life is filled with inner peace and I see joy in everything. To help others to experience this beautiful inner healing is what I am here to do.” – Mark Bajerski, Founder, PEH Academy




Mark Bajerski, Founder

Mark Bajerski is an international speaker, author, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Affectionately known as “The Healer of Hearts”, Mark has practiced and developed a unique Pure Energy Healing method helping tens of thousands of people heal themselves and overcome various life challenges.


Mark Bajerski has worked as an acclaimed intuitive-healer for numerous clients including professional athletes, students, royalty, artists, celebrities, corporations, health organizations and various leaders in over 30 countries. He guides clients to transform their own energy blocks and lower vibration towards a higher-self, through a healing modality of Pure Energy Healing.

“The heart that gives is always full.” This is one of Mark Bajerski’s principal philosophies and one which he practices in his everyday life. Mark’s life passion and work is to empower, uplift and help people strengthen their own spirit. He helps people shift their energy of fear, pain, stress, confusion and move towards living a life with trust, happiness, clarity and peace.


After years of practicing one-on-one healings, intuitive readings and being voted Spain’s number 1 Psychic in 2012/13 Mark wanted to impact more lives. He founded the Pure Energy Healing Academy and became a master teacher of Pure Energy Healing method. His uplifting and inspirational videos have reached millions of people through his YouTube Channel.


Lella Satie, Director & Instructor

Lella Satie is the Director of Development for the Pure Energy Healing Academy. She is responsible for program development and delivery of worldwide live and online programs; and the creative direction and vision of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Lella is leading the global expansion of Pure Energy Healing Academy programs; content development and business partnerships. Together with Mark, Lella is an Instructor of the Pure Energy Healing Programs.  

Lella's work and passion is to Live Artfully and lead from the Heart. Her life journey of pursuing Arts and Personal Transformation happened over decades and spans over many countries. As a Healer and Mentor she guides private and corporate clients through various modalities of healing arts and wellness, sharing wisdom of self-healing; well being through the practice of mindfulness; emotional intelligence; spiritual connection; plant based nutrition and fasting.

When not delving in Healing Arts, Lella Satie is working in Performing Arts or other creative and Entrepreneurial ventures. Her background is in psychology; ontology; spirituality and arts - bringing all of her passions and understanding of human being-ness.

As the Founder of LEMON HOUSE, Lella is bringing her favourite Natural, Organic & Healing products to the world with the vision to inspire and motivate people to embrace Conscious Living. In partnership with LEMON HOUSE, the Pure Energy Healing Academy creates signature Sacred Healing Collection products. 

You can read Lella's writings on various topics from healthy lifestyle to arts at LEMON HOUSE Blog.

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