Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next course?

All online courses and programs are available throughout the year. You will receive the course access link within 24-72hrs upon registration. (During exceptionally busy times at the Academy or during Holidays please allow 7-10 business days. 

What timezone is the Online Course delivered in?  

The Online Course is in your timezone. You will log-in and access the Video Sessions on your own. We recommend that you do the Certificate Courses as a 4-day-intensive program. If you follow the Schedule of a four day day program, your days can go from 10AM-5PM and you will have the same experience as the Live Course. At the Academy we always run the Certificate 4-day-intensive Course from Thursday through Sunday between the hours of 10AM-5PM (allowing for short breaks and 1hr lunch break).

When are Live Sessions for the Online Course?  

Live Sessions for the Online Course will be announced per course as we will try to accommodate most of the timezones that our students are in, during that particular course. 

What is the Online Course Schedule?

For Pure Energy Healing Course please follow this Schedule link. For the Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course please follow this Schedule link

How do I log-in to my Online Course?

When you register for the course you will receive an e-mail with log-in details. Please make sure to add to your contacts so that the correspondence doesn't end up in your spam folder. 

When is the next Live Course at the Academy? 

At the moment of this website update (May 2022) there are no scheduled courses at the Academy for this year, as all of our programs are now available online. If you'd like to receive an update, please sign up for our newsletter to receive the details or check back on our website for further information. 

What is the difference between the Online Courses and the Courses at the Academy? 

We have created the Online Courses to be as close to the experience of our Courses at the Academy. The course material covered is the same. Online Courses have experiential healing sessions which are your opportunity to practice the Pure Energy Healing modality as taught by our course instructors Mark Bajerski and Lella Satie. 

What is the difference between the Pure Energy Healing Course and the Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course? 

Both courses are based in Pure Energy Healing. The Pure Energy Healing Course focuses on the healing modality and touches on crystals and other healing tools. The Pure Energy Crystal Course focuses on crystals. For more detailed course description and outline please go to Courses Link

Does the Course include healing sessions?  

Yes, this is the experiential part of the course and the most valuable part of the course. You learn the most during the practical part of the course.

How do I connect to the Community of other Pure Energy Healers? 

Upon ​completion of a Certificate Course you will be able to join the Private Healers Group dedicated for Pure Energy Healers and Pure Energy Crystal Healers to exchange experience; healing sessions; to connect and support each other.