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"This course was transformative in many ways. I believe that each person that completes this course will find exactly what they need individually at that time. Mark and Lella are so passionate and compassionate with their teachings. This is source information and has changed the way that I view the world and more importantly myself. Before this course I thought I might be a healer. I now know that I am. That all of us are healers in our own ways. This is truly a beautiful path to be on. I have never been so content. I am ready to shine my healing and add my light to all of the other beautiful souls to help this world heal. Forever I thank you." - Heather Phillips Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"I really don't think I could find the right words to really talk about the uniqueness of this course. I have been healing for many years but have never felt energy like this before. And to feel the energy coming through the computer screen just blew me away. The course has opened me up to a new, more natural and easy way of healing that is incredibly powerful. I am excited and looking forward to my new journey as a Pure Energy Healer. There is no limits on how far or how many I can help heal. I really feel I can help make a difference in the world. Mark and Leila are a beautiful team, their teachings are just so easy to understand, I am so grateful to them both. I can't wait to do the next online course. Thank you!" - Rachelle C. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Transformative, Empowering and Exhilarating! The knowledge and experiences shared throughout this course is second to none. I believe in the power of learning though effective story telling derived from real life experiences; Mark and Lella did this beautifully and so naturally. I was sitting on the edge of my seat listening to all they had to share and found myself hanging off every word. They are both very engaging and dynamic teachers. I enjoyed the blended learning approach; some learning through videos, some experiential learning though practice and some learning live on line. The on line Zoom conversations were so personalized and provided us all a platform to express our thoughts and ask questions allowing everyone an opportunity to speak. Not an easy task with such a large group, but you pulled it off with grace and style! Love and Light from this butterfly to you two butterflies I'd also like to extend my gratitude to the class of Jan 2021 Pure energy healers for the safe atmosphere of learning created as well as your warm & inviting energy! Congrats to you all!" - Melinda J. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"I have trained in several healing modalities, however, it was this Pure Energy Healing Course that truly made me feel empowered as a healer and to trust my own gifts." - Mishiva Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"There are simply no words to describe this course. I have been blown away, it was an indescribably life changing experience. There is no price on the value of this course it is beyond monetary value, You couldn't dream of making a better investment in yourself. With all my heart thank you to Mark, Lella and everyone involved with Pure energy Healing Academy. Thank you to all the beautiful souls who I have connected with during this online course. Thank you to the beautiful participants who took part in Slovenia and showed us the way. I am speechless, this has been a truly divine experience." - Michael H. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Thank you Mark and Lella, you both have changed my life forever and I really know now what my calling is and my life purpose! Thank you for bringing my gift out, what has been wanting to come out all along! It has been a journey for 4 days that felt like everything, I am so grateful to have made this decision! Everything happens for a reason and it was meant for me to be fired from my old job that I wasn't happy at, to be drawn to this course after that! I did and saw things that I can't explain in words, just feelings and images and it is all real. I will never doubt myself no more. We really all are healers from within! I can continue writing about all the incredible things that happened during this course, but I just would love to thank Mark and Lella again for making this possible! Your teachings are out of this world and I am honoured to be a part of it! If you are drawn to this course, PLEASE DO IT! You won't regret it at all, you will begin a new life afterwards I can guarantee that! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! My soul is happy <3" - Jennifer A. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"I struggled back and forth on whether I should take the course and I am abundantly glad I did, I learned so much and will continue to learn. I also received much healing myself in the 4 days. So much love and guidance received which made the information received flow easily. Thank you so very much to Mark and Lella for the loving time and energy you put into this course." Gerald Saunders - Pure Energy Healing Course Online 

"Thank you from my heart to yours in return Mark & Leila - what a wonderful gift you are sharing with the world & us Initially I wondered how I would be able to complete the long distance course and worried about fitting to the schedule but all worries were dispelled. The course is just as accessible 12,000 miles away - self-guided practical learning is one of the best ways to figure out your own unique talents and energy - as it turned out, I did more distant healing sessions than in-person and actually found my connection stronger with the client. My clients experienced all kinds of things and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of facilitating what Spirit wanted for them. I enjoyed the camaraderie and shared learning of the live video sessions too. My experience in the course was the next step in my healing journey, giving me the confidence to gradually transition fully to this work... and so the journey continues. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am aligned to my soul purpose. Thanks too to my class mates who shared and trusted the group on their journey of discovery. I fully intend to remain in contact with my new colleagues as we evolve. Aroha nui - much love, Jud F." - Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Thank you so much, although I have completed this from home. This was the most beautiful experience of life. I have experienced many sensations, emotions and healing. I have been to many places during healing and long to go many more. What a chance to end up on the online course. I found a sanctuary in this crazy world which has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping me to realize mine. I hope to meet you both in person one day. Bless you both, so kind, generous and loving. If all the world was like this, the world would be healed. Thank you." - Gavin Luck .J. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Wow wow wow. What a magical week it has been! This course has truly empowered me on such a deep level. It's been transformative and its been exactly what I needed for myself. What's incredible is how something that I told myself was beyond anything I could possibly be capable of, felt incredibly natural and the Pure Energy Healing itself felt serene and almost effortless. It felt as though I had reconnected to a part of my mind and spirit that has always been there but has been dormant and exactly like Mark said, "we have been healers before and we will be healers again". This course has given me purpose, it's given me compassion and it's given me strength. And even though Mark offers a lot of this information generously for free on his YouTube, the structure and the in-depth coverage has given me the confidence I needed to actually breakthrough. Like a Phoenix that had burnt into ashes, this course has given me the faith to rise again and to be reborn stronger, wiser and more full of love than before. The beautiful souls on this adventure with me offering kindness and compassion, I will also always be grateful for. Hold on to the light guys!!! Lella, when Mark was saying "be a Butterfly", all I kept thinking to myself was how you are literally a butterfly personified. You're so graceful, so beautiful, so gentle, so elegant and your presence and contribution to the course has inspired me endlessly! And I thank you as the course wouldn't have been the same without you and the information I also learnt from you on the live sessions will stay with me forever! Your energy is one of the purest most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and it’s easy to see why Mark works closely with you! Your warmth can be felt immensely and it has helped and brought comfort in so many ways. And Mark, I don't know where to start with you to be honest. You have literally changed my life in the most beautiful way. The level of respect I have for you is beyond measure because through your teachings, you’ve helped me find a huge amount of respect for myself and a huge amount of respect for my life. You’ve shown me the light and how to nurture it and this is something that can never be taken away from me! ... The real journey has begun now, and when I fall, when I feel lost, when I feel like giving up, I will always remember the magic I've experienced, learned, felt and can tap in to at any time and use this as medicine. You all make the world a better, brighter place and you’ve literally shown me simplicity of the divine and helped me to recognize this within myself and the world around me. Bless you all and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." - Rashelle D. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"These past 4 days was like I was remembering who I was and why I came here. I've been through a lot with Spirit between two worlds. But because of that, it has lead me here and now I know why I had to go through all that. And it has lead me to wake up happy for no reason!! Which is a blessing and I can't thank Mark and Lella enough for the encouragement they gave me in the Live chats. The best lesson I got from this was to believe without a doubt that you are powerful beyond anybody's imagination. Except your Angel's" - Omar C. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"This beautiful course is proof that space and time don't exist. You can feel the beautiful energy through the recordings and feel Mark and Lella in the room with you. If you are here, you are meant to be here. If you listen to the words, that is because the words are meant for you. The Truths that are shared in this course are universal and timeless. I am so happy that I went through this experience and that I dedicated the time to be present. If you are considering taking this course, then that is all the indication you need: do it. Your surroundings don't have to be perfect. Your life does not have to be perfect. You don't need to be perfect. If you have been drawn to do this course, then do it because the alignment to your greater self has already begun and you just need to answer the call for all the beautiful changes to begin. Mark and Lella (and the small army of beautiful souls behind the scenes): Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and from the top of my soul.. thank you. To you and all my fellow participants: I love you and thank you for being a part of my journey." - Katerina M. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Pure Energy Healing Academy is Truly Divine Pure Love for Body, Mind and Soul Healing. “Discover The Healer Within” is the real essence of this pure healing wisdom that Mark and Lella shared their journey. It’s so Powerful and life-changing course. The wisdom from this learning is true gem and priceless. I could really feel the energy and healing with the flow of intuition. What a gift to remember the treasures within all of us. Heal ourselves, Heal our families, and Heal the World. So Now, let it begins this wonderful journey. May our inner light lead the way. Love & Light" Kathy Cosmic Alchemist Waraporn L. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Thank you so much from my heart to the hearts of everybody at the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Amazing experience, magic did happen for my clients they're still talking about their experience tonight and sharing with each other, as we are working together on an island in the British Indian Ocean Territory. I'm so pleased and happy for them that through the coaching and teaching I received I was able to help them. Helping others was my main reason to participate in the course, although they are very happy I stay humble as I am just the vessel. Future is more practice help more people and one day have my own little studio with my healing bed to help many many many many more people. Spirit told me that I could become a healer in 2019. Once I knew the online course was available I knew this was my path. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - Dean N. Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"A lot of things can be said a lot more felt - pure transforming experience. Thank you all." - Gregarius Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Thank you Mark and Lella, it was an amazing course, you've done a great job! I Love every piece of the information, the simplicity mainly. Everything you said deeply resonates with me and it was great confirmation. It was beautiful to see the transformation in the participants and us throughout the course, so much LOVE it is hard to explain. I am very grateful and blessed to be part of such wonderful community of healers! We will make the difference in the world!" - Lenka Batik Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"I have no words to express how grateful I am to be part of the Pure Energy Healing family. This is such a precious gift that I will carry with me forever. There is a reason why I took this course now. I am at a crossroad in my life and my soul wants to be free and live with purpose. Thank you Mark and Lella for sharing your gift and heart. You shine so bright and your positive energy is palpable. I will cherish these four days with you and everyone in this group. Sending you a lot of love and a piece of my heart. Much blessings to you both!" - Judy Ermitano Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Thank you, thank you for this powerful and beautiful course. It was valuable on so many levels. From heart to heart, thank you for sharing your beautiful energy, your wisdom and experience. I feel like I remember more of who I am, and who we all are. And that feels truly beautiful. I am honoured to be walking this path of remembering, and of co-creating of a new normal that honours the truth of who we naturally are, with you. With all of you. So much beautiful energy in this group. Thank you always" - Tracy Delia Pure Energy Healing Course Online


"Absolutely Amazing! This journey has been life changing, I am so grateful to be a part of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. PURE LOVE" - Sharon Lamb Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"What a powerful course! There is so much healing taking place in my life in just a short four days. It's truly amazing. Here I thought I just signed up to become a Pure Energy Healer, but I received so much healing myself. Amazing. Thank you Mark and Leila!! Love and Blessings" - Karrie Blount Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"I can't put into words the beauty I feel inside my body & mind. . . This course has been like no other I have taken before. I can't thank you both enough for your energy, your time, & your kindness." - Anna Osbourne-Reynolds Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"It's difficult to find words that seem adequate to express my gratitude and love for the experience I have had over these four days. It is the most surprising, empowering and life changing course that I have ever attended, without any shadow of doubt. I can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to further their spiritual journey. Thank you both so much, from the bottom of my heart. I feel extremely excited for the future because of your wisdom, grace, support and encouragement." Deborah Bernard - Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Mark and Lella I want to say Thank You for the bottom to the top of my heart! I feel honoured that I was able to be a part of such a beautiful course. Keep shining your Light because you have made mine brighter and I will be forever Grateful! Sending Love and Kindness to you and yours" - Ginger Jacobson  Pure Energy Healing Course Online

"Pure Energy Healing Course is a life changer! For a bit more than a year ago, once Mark announced about his course, my inner voice made me to sign up. And this is when I didn’t have any experience with healing or healers whatsoever or could in any way imagine myself as one. But this time I did listen to my inner voice! To describe what happened to me during the course is almost impossible. I jumped like a child when I could feel energy flowing through my hands, I felt like I met my true self and an indescribable feeling of comfort has rejoiced in me. After the course a number of beautiful new experiences have happened to me, I was able to help dozens of people, via actually distant healing, I know why I am here and where I am going, and I feel so happy. After the course, life has also put me on my own true path and a journey of new learnings, which I believe will be a new reality of mine, but what Mark gave me is the core, the foundation - a strong trust to myself - he taught me to be my own guru. Everyday I feel deep gratitude to Mark for his course! Now when the course is online, I hope and wish that many more people will have an ability to join it. It is the time when you will finally meet your real and true self and will become the light you are meant to be." Alina Lundqvist - Pure Energy Healing Course

I’m now smiling, filled with self love, self worth and a strong belief that spirit is by my side to help heal me and others, this is a truly beautiful experience. I arrived with no experience, no expectation, just a curious mind to learn, listen, and a desire to heal myself having been drawn to the course! My darkened emotions soon lightened to joy and peace after spending eight beautiful days at Mark’s healing academy. This is not an ABC course of instruction to energy healing or crystals! Through many honest words Mark guides you to self discovery, to be pure, free, and open, encouraging you from the heart to trust your instinct and intuition. Together through practise and exchange of enquiry Mark creates an inspiring safe and beautiful place to unfold your true potential. To calm the mind, let go and allow spirit to flow through you. Mark is a very gifted teacher sharing his unique experiences of pure energy healing. He supports each individual to find their own unique path to trust their instinct, always with an open heart, huge hug and infectious smile! I am grateful for the beautiful souls I have met on my journey that too have been drawn to Mark’s course. Much gratitude and love to Mark and his amazing crystals!" Susi – Pure Energy Healing Course & Crystal Healing Course

"Time for reflection spent in a beautiful place – the PEH Academy nestled in the mountains of Mijas Pueblo. One could wish for nothing more – the Academy is full of positive energy – such a lovely place to learn and to experience. Four beautiful days learning about PEH  – the 4 days awakened something in me which was always there but was sleeping. I felt in a good place arriving in Mijas for the course, I had met Mark a few years earlier and felt the pull back there. I know that our paths are to serve and to help others (primarily mine was to help my daughter Jenny who has been on a long journey and that journey continues as does all of ours). I came to understand from the course and Mark, that we can support but that everyone’s journey is their own to learn from and we are not there to keep catching but to allow that person to learn for themselves.

Day 1 – Mark explained all about the various ways to cleanse a room and yourself from negative energy. The various different oils, Florida water and crystals that can be used for healing. I loved the Native American influences (feathers, palo santo). The removal of self-limiting beliefs which then become empowering beliefs. Our connection with one another. Mark has a way of explaining things and I was completely enthralled – it was as though a weight had been lifted from me – hard to explain but I felt so much lighter and at ease. Days 2 & 3 – Greeting and healing clients throughout the 2 days under Mark’s guidance. I must admit I was so nervous the first time as I didn’t feel experienced enough. Mark had prepared us and by leaving us to ‘just be’ – no expectations, to be open and to allow ourselves to be a conduit for pure energy to pass through us to the client – best advice as then you stop looking – you just feel and allow whatever comes up to be – everything is just perfect as it is in the moment. I was a bit surprised when Mark left us to it – but realised that was the best way as we then could be ourselves without worrying what he might be thinking.An amazing 4 days which I will honour forever and feel truly humbled to have done the course – thank you Mark – inspirational. I will continue to serve in the best way I can. A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.Mariam H – Pure Energy Healing Course

Now I know exactly who I am! These four days have given me more than 2 years at a healing school. You will always inspire me with your lovely heart. With all my big heart – Thanks!! Magic is the word!" Mia M – Pure Energy Healing Course

The more I do with Mark in his Healing Academy, the more I want to do! In October, I attended a one day workshop with Mark. It was preparing for and performing Spiritual Healing Rituals. I was the only student for that day and it was fantastic to have Mark’s attention for myself as this workshop is so interesting. Mark explained and demonstrated how to perform these rituals and what materials to use, flowers, rice, salt, oils etc. even what to wear. We even went for a walk so Mark could tell me which flowers or plants he would or wouldn’t use for his rituals. Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use what I learned from him that day I now have the knowledge and the ways in which to prepare. I look forward to the day when I can put it into practice. To complete our day together Mark gave me a wonderfully powerful healing. Thank you Mark" Annette C – Preparing and Hosting a Healing Circle Workshop

I’m leaving knowing I don’t want to do anything else. I came here not sure if I could do it. Love you to the moon and back! Hugs." Helena – Pure Energy Healing Course

"Mark came over to our company in December 2011 in Rome to hold workshops and individual sessions. It was an incredible experience that we will not forget for a long time. Whether working individually or in group Mark works as a catalyst, having an innate ability to get to the core of things, helping people get to the heart of what matters to them. The principles of Mark’s teaching are simple and the results extremely powerful! That’s what makes Mark so incredibly talented and at the same time so profoundly human. As our company‘s expertise is based on resources for personal development the workshops were truly empowering and I hope Mark will continue to be the incredible resource that he is. Thank you Mark!

Ann Flynn (Certified Master in Gestalt Counselling and Development Counselor), The Empower House, Exclusive Workshop by Mark Bajerski & New Success Co

The energy in the academy is hard to describe, just being there is healing and comforting. I attended a Crystal Healing Course with Mark in October 2015. It was my second attempt at doing this course and I was determined this time to not let anything get in my way. There were four of us on the course and from the moment of stepping in through the door of the Pure Energy Healing Academy in beautiful Mijas on that first day the energies were fantastic. The four of us healers gelled and our healing energy increased throughout the course. I have done healing for many years but had never used the crystals in the way Mark taught us to. Mark has, at the healer’s disposal to use anytime on the clients, many beautiful crystals, oils, bells etc. We practiced on each other and on the second day Mark had invited clients for us to practice on. This was a fantastic way of working and gaining confidence. Each client discussed their experience with the healer and everyone was delighted with what they felt during the healing. Mark’s way of teaching is very relaxed and makes the students feel at ease from the beginning. He advises but never pushes and he encourages all the way. If I were to rate this course I would give it 6 out of 5. I would even consider doing the course again just for the wonderful experiences. It was magical! Thank you again Mark!" Anette C –  Crystal Healing Course

Mark holds nothing back and is immeasurably generous and gifted. I had an amazing time in Spain and almost don’t know where to start! Arriving in sunny Spain, and meeting Mark, who is so generous and kind was the beginning of the magic. We had incredible healing sessions with Mark, which has boosted my drive to do this work so much. The hotel was lovely, and the room we worked in had magic. I learned so much from Mark. Hands-on practice was the best bit for me, and daily messages from Spirit. My time at the Academy was amazing and the fun of picking up new crystals was thrilling.  We had gorgeous tapas in the village at lunch time, and then found my much sought after chocolate shop…i met it last year!!! Yum. Being initiated and getting a channeled message from Spirit on the side of the mountain top... in truth there are just no words really. So did I enjoy my trip?? Absolutely! It was magical.”Brid  S –  Crystal Healing Course

"Mark’s gentle guidance has opened up a totally new way of reading Tarot for new and experienced readers. I have to say that I was drawn to Mark’s Tarot Course firstly because of Mark and his knowledge but, at the same time, it was the cards themselves. Being a Tarot and Angel reader myself, I wanted to experience a new way of reading. These cards are colourfully dramatic with loads of hidden messages within them; offering immense possibilities. Ellen Pearce – Online Tarot Course

Pure Energy Healing Academy was my safe haven to heal and strengthen my heart, intuition and spirit. Each course at the Academy has been an ever more beautiful experience. The Pure Energy Healing Course is a masterpiece and I thought that’s it, there is nothing better than this! Mark and the Pure Energy Healing Academy managed to surprise me and exceed my expectations. After doing the Online Tarot Course which was a beautiful introduction to connect to my intuition, the Tarot Master Course is truly another masterpiece. It’s challenging yet beautiful! Thank you Mark for all that you do! You truly are a gift to the world and a true master and a genius teacher! Lella Satie – PEH Course, PEH Crystal Course, Online Tarot Course, Tarot Master Course, Teacher Training Course

I found this course hugely informative and a complete game changer in my approach and understanding of what it is to be a Tarot Reader. Simply wonderful and 100% recommended. I have recently completed Marks Online Tarot Course. I found that Mark- not surprisingly- uses the tarot as an extension of his healing work and teaches how to read the cards and build a beautiful story for your client as well as useful insights as to meanings that have worked for him. At the same time, he manages to leave plenty of scope for you to come up with and understand your own unique way of reading too. Mark teaches in such a way as to leave no doubt as to the seriousness of the nature of the work at hand, with a huge dollop of compassion, whilst injecting his own unique, unassuming humour. Simply wonderful and 100% recommended. Thank you!" Beth James – Online Tarot Course

The way you brought the Tarot to light was so inspiring that no book will ever be able to do so! Mark, thank you so much for giving the Tarot Course online. It was a great opportunity for me, as it has been on my list, wanting to learn for such a long time. It was so convenient to get it online, then I could listen to it, work with it at my own pace, go forward and back, pause, make a note or two. I love the way you teach, very interesting and entertaining at the same time. And the way you encourage to do our own evaluating of the cards, as well as, all along the road you gave a lot of advice. You made it so easy to follow. Thanks for the light you brought into my life. I do so much appreciate it. If the Tarot Course had not been online, I would probably never have had the chance to learn it, and it has given me so much pleasure." Ingelise H – Online Tarot Course

I would a million percent recommend this Tarot Course to everyone who is ready to gain a deeper understanding of the cardsI was delighted Mark, to see that you were going to run an online Tarot Course. You’re a kind, honest and genuine guy in what you share with everyone and, of course, your passion in what you do is contagious! I knew having looked at many courses, yours was the one for me. You made it easy to follow explaining the cards. Your personal examples were a brilliant way to show how you give messages to people. All in all, an amazing course. Keep up all your good work Mark." Collette M – Online Tarot Course

Through this course I have discovered many more aspects of the Tarot. For beginners, Mark advises on how to give the information to the clients and how not to get involved personally – very, very useful! I want to thank Mark a lot for giving us his wisdom with love and insights and – as always – with his heart! Mark´s Online Tarot Course for me has been an eye opener! Years ago I started learning Tarot with Mark and have been practicing ever since with Röhrig´s Tarot Cards. They are very special, and through the online course Mark gave a lot of new views and ideas for these cards. Thank you Mark, you're amazing!" Almuth Jende – Online Tarot Course“

"I actually knew nothing about Tarot and learned so much from every single lesson. The Online Tarot Course by Mark Bajerski was fabulous! It was a wonderful experience and I am extremely grateful to Mark." Patricia B – Online Tarot Course

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