Registrations for 2020 Courses are now open! 

*Space is limited

North America

OPEN For Registration
Welcome to our first time in North America Pure Energy Healing Course! 

Toronto, Canada

September 3, 4, 5, 6  /2020

Pure Energy Healing Certificate Course September 2020

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OPEN For Registration

Register for the Pure Energy Healing Course​ Europe!


Dates: September 24-27/2020

Pure Energy Healing Certificate Course Europe 2020



Toronto Course: September 2020 

Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th 

Course Venue*:

The course will be at the beautiful downtown waterfront hotel* with amazing views of Lake Ontario, walking path along the lake. 

Toronto we​ather in September:

high 70F/21C low 56F/13C

Sunrise/Sunset in September:


Getting there:

There are 2 Airports in Toronto: Toronto International Pearson Airport (consider taking UP Train from the airport to Union Station). Toronto City Airport is only 2km/1.1miles from the venue with arrivals from select North American cities. (If you are arriving from the U.S. there are two other airports to consider: Detroit Airport 250miles from Toronto and Buffalo NY 98miles away, which Canadians often fly from/to via rental car, a shuttle or bus to Ontario.)

Europe Course: September 2020

Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26, Sunday 27

Course Venue*:

The course will be at a beautiful mountain valley hotel*amongst beautiful views, trails and hiking grounds. 

Slovenia we​ather in September:

high 66F/19C low 48F/9C

Sunrise/Sunset in September:


*Hotel details and contact will be sent once you register for the course.

**PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-residential program and the tuition price covers attendance to the program only. Price does not cover additional personal expenses such as flights, airport transfers, accommodation or meals.

***Legal Disclaimer: Due to Global situations the course dates might change. Please be informed of developing news when booking your travel. The Pure Energy Healing Academy, Lemon House and their associates and/or officers will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages; for changes due to government restrictions; missed flights; health concerns or any other losses or damages upon your registration and/or participation in the Pure Energy Healing Course.

Yes I will see you in Toronto, September 2020

Yes I will see you in Europe this Summer 2020

Why Join? 

PURE ENERGY HEALING COURSE is a highly recommended program if you are seeking clarity in your life; self empowerment; answers to the many questions about why you are here; connecting to your higher purpose; if you are ready to step into the most amazing power that you truly are or if you are looking to rediscover your natural healing gifts! Upon successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate and be able to practice PURE ENERGY HEALING.

To read the full course description and outline please visit the course page Link: Pure Energy Healing Course.

Full Course Tuition: £880GBP non-refundable

Full Course Outline 

Please read the course outline, and Agreements 


Plea​se note The Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mark Bajerski, Lemon House d.o.o. and their directors, associates and heirs are not held liable for the safety of Pure Energy Healing Course participants. You agree to all the Terms & Conditions Agreements and Disclaimer as set in course descriptions and within the pages of this website. These terms can be edited without prior notice. If for any unforeseen reason(s) the course has to be cancelled the clients/course participants will be notified as soon as possible and only be reimbursed for the amount of the tuition fee paid which is £880GBP. No other fees will be reimbursed for moneys spent by a client for flights, accommodation, insurance and/or any other expenses.

*Please note the course tuition is in GBP. 


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