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Summer Newsletter is Full of Exciting News!

Hello Beautiful Souls,

We trust that you are doing well and shining your light. When you live and lead from the heart, you're always guided by spirit.

We have a few big and exciting announcements from our beautiful Team at the Pure Energy Healing Academy.

We have launched the sliding scale price options for the courses to assist more people to heal themselves and transform their life, so they in-turn can help others empower themselves.

We have added a Gift Card! You can now give a gift to someone who would love to take the course at the Pure Energy Healing Academy. "The heart that gives is always full!" - Mark Bajerski

There is an upcoming Pure Energy Healing Certificate Course with LIVE Sessions: October 6-9, 2022.

Thank you for supporting our work.

With love & warm regards, The Pure Energy Healing Academy

Join us on Social Media: FB & IG @pureenergyhealingacademy

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