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New Beginnings Start With A Personal Transformation

It is the Celebration Season and what a better way to begin a New Year than with a personal transformation to celebrate yourself. Life is an ongoing journey, and so is your personal development. If you invest in your learning and skills, you will grow in character and courage. Your wisdom gives you strength.

Taking a Course at the Pure Energy Healing Academy is an amazing, magical and transformational experience. We are humbled by the overwhelming response of our offer of a Sliding Scale Tuition. We are grateful for the amazing souls who've been drawn to do the courses at the Academy - and for everyone honouring the Sliding Scale. We extend this opportunity until the end of the year. Enjoy this offer till December 31, 2022.

Listen to Lella Satie as she shares the experience of our courses!

For more insights on what it's like to do a course at the Pure Energy Healing Academy, hear the words from our beautiful healers who've taken our programs Testimonials link.

If you are a Pure Energy Healer or Pure Energy Crystal Healer and you'd like to join our upcoming FAMILY REUNION, there is still a couple of spots available for this Live Session. To register follow the link.

Thank you for supporting the work of Pure Energy Healing Academy.

With love & warm regards,

Join us on Social Media: FB IG YT@pureenergyhealingacademy

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