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New Year New You

May the New Year bring you new beginnings, hope and fulfillment. May it bring a wonderful chapter of your life. May you feel love in your heart and joy in your energy field. May you be infinitely blessed.

The Pure Energy Healing Academy is here to guide you in your personal journey of transformation, healing and heightened intuition. When you are ready to begin your path as a Healer or when you wish to deepen your intuition, or begin self healing - you will be welcomed into a beautiful community of kind, loving souls.

If you wish to experience a Distant Healing Session with one of our amazing Healers - you can find their contact in

Link: Find A Healer.

Our Sliding Scale Tuition for 2022 is on till December 31.

Holiday Article: Read the latest blog by Lella Satie at Lemon House: The Darkest Night Bears The Light

Find us on Social Media: FB IG YT @pureenergyhealingacademy

Thank you for supporting the work of Pure Energy Healing Academy.

With love & warm regards,

The Pure Energy Healing Academy

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