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Welcome To The Pure Energy Healing Community

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the Pure Energy Healing Community. We've created this space to share more information about our courses, new programs and monthly news at the Academy. This is where you - our community can connect and interact. Underneath each blog post is space where you can leave comments.

We are excited about the growing community of beautiful Healers from around the world offering distant and in-person healing sessions. We will share their journeys. Some of them have opened new practices and others are travelling healers.

Our family of Healers will also contribute to the blog and share about their healing practices.

Enjoy the space, explore the pages and leave a comment and/or question(s) that we will look to answer in the coming new blog articles.

If your question is program specific, please visit that page first, in order to get an in depth overview and answer.

Warm regards, 💜

The Pure Energy Healing Academy

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So glad to have this space as well.


Steve Allpress
Steve Allpress
Jun 13, 2022

Wonderful, looking forward to hearing and sharing experiences 💚🙏

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