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Pure Energy CRYSTAL Healing - Online Certificate Course


The full tuition value of the course is €550 EUR. This is a second tier sliding scale price of €385EUR. Please note the course fee is non-refundable.


For Course Outline and full details please follow the Course Page Link. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Course Agreements.


*Please note you will receive access to the course within 24-72hrs from the time of your purchase. During exceptionally busy times at the Academy or over Holidays please note your access will be active within 7-10 days from your purchase. You will have 2 weeks to complete the course from the time you receive the course access link.


PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE is a highly recommended program if you want to strengthen your self healing practice or would like to elevate your skills as a Healer. Upon successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate and be able to practice PURE ENERGY CRYSTAL HEALING.


COURSE AGREEMENTS: By registering for this course you acknowledge and confirm that you are able to take care of your own well being. You acknowledge and confirm that you are not on any medication; you are not receiving any therapy nor taking any illegal drugs. Furthermore by registering into the course, you agree not to take any illegal substances; not to consume any alcohol; not to smoke for the duration of the course. The duration of the course includes all hours: while you do the course work as well as your rest times, for the entire four days of the course. These strict measures are in place to protect the safety and comfort of your clients, while providing a healing environment and energy of high vibration for your practice of Pure Energy Healing. You agree to do the course as designed. You will practice active listening, engage fully and participate in the learning process. You will stay committed 100% to complete the program. This is the only way to receive the full benefit and value of the course. Each course registration is only for the person registered for the course. 

Deepen Your Healing Gifts

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