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Join the Experience at the Pure Energy Healing Academy

The Pure Energy Healing Academy is open year round for online courses. You may join a program at any time and begin the course training as soon as you get the access link.

We made our programs available online in order to reach more people, who otherwise wouldn't be able to travel. In the past we hosted the Live Courses in different countries. At this time all of the Academy offerings are online.

The first online course was a test. We wanted to see if it works as well as the Live Course. The outstanding feedback from our Healers is evidence that the course training is as powerful if not more when done online on your own - because you get to be generate yourself to go through the course material as designed.

All of the content, information and experience of the Online course is identical to Live Course training. The course is transformative and experiential and the biggest value are the Healing Sessions that you get to do with your clients.

You can hear first hand experience from our Healers in the video below.

To see more Healers' experiences, you can go to the page Testimonials.

To register for the courses and take the advantage of the current double course offer go to REGISTER link.


For your Pure Energy Healing tools, incense, oils, crystals, books & more visit: and .

Thank you for supporting the work of Pure Energy Healing Academy.

With Love & Gratitude,

The Pure Energy Healing Academy

Find us on Social Media: FB IG YT @pureenergyhealingacademy

With love & warm regards,

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