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Special Opportunity

Updated: May 24, 2023

Dear Friends and Healing Family,

We trust that you are doing well and keeping your energy high. Every moment we have a new opportunity to elevate our vibration and move one step forward. Life is always in motion. The most resilient are those who empower themselves to keep moving forward.

If you experience an emotional charge that is pulling you down, remember these easy tips: cleanse and clear with these powerful gifts: burn your favorite incense, take a walk in nature or simply have a shower. The cleansing power of nature elements is often overlooked as it's all around us and we forget to appreciate it for what it is. A powerful healer. No wonder we've called her Mother Nature. She nurtures and nourishes.

Cleansing, healing and self empowerment is an ongoing process, as we continue to transform in our life. For some things healing takes place in an instant. For others, we have to nurture all the aspects of our body-mind-soul. It's an inside-out work.

At the Pure Energy Healing Academy we've had more amazing souls complete their courses and attend Live Sessions. If you've missed the video we shared about their experience, you can watch it via this link.


This time of the year we've created a Special Opportunity and an exclusive offer for our courses: Pure Energy Healing & Crystal Healing. When you register for both Pure Energy Healing & Crystal Healing Course, you can do so with this exclusive offer until the space is filled.

BONUS ***There is an exciting gift for those who register for the two courses: they will receive a Pure Energy Healing gift from When you register to any course offers a 12% student discount on our Pure Energy Healing gifts & tools.***


Wishing you a beautiful end of first quarter. May you cleanse and clear and be ever so inspired to walk into Spring with renewed energy.

For your Pure Energy Healing tools, incense, oils, crystals, books & more visit: and .

Thank you for supporting the work of Pure Energy Healing Academy.

With Love & Gratitude,

The Pure Energy Healing Academy

Find us on Social Media: FB IG YT @pureenergyhealingacademy

With love & warm regards,

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